New Orchard Corset

I’ve liked the look of corsets and the thought of corsets since I was a kid.  Blame Disney and Barbie, I guess.  Anyway, after flirting with the idea of getting a real steel boned corset for years, I decided to take the plunge in preparation for my wedding.  I wanna look curvy and HAWT, so I did my research and found a company that makes off the rack steel boned corsets that are affordable AND helps you find the style that will work with your body — Orchard Corset.  After some measuring and back-and-forth emails, I ordered a CS-426 Short in black cotton.

Gotta say I love it.  Love everything about it.

First, it doesn’t suck.  At all.  It is actually comfy.  Not like Spanx.  Those things are torture!  The make my IBS go crazy.  This real corset makes me look all curvy and hawt like I wanted.  I stand taller and straighter in it (without even trying — or hurting).  Plus it helps me visualize myself as thinner AND if I eat with it on I get full faster so I can lose a little weight.  AND it helps my back pain — not something I expected.  Sometimes I even get up in the middle of the night and put it on so I can sleep in it if my ouchy back keeps waking me up.  I lace it to a sensible reduction and it feels great.  If I can’t breathe or anything I loosen it or take it off.

So, say what you will, but I like my corset.  I’m going to keep wearing it even after the wedding!
2015-02-11 12.56.32


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