Jerky-Lover’s Carniverous Snack

Image thanks to James Barker @
Image thanks to James Barker @

NOTE:  I didn’t get paid or even asked to write this review.  I just REALLY love jerky!

Okay, so I love beef jerky.  In fact I grew up believing beef was the ONLY jerky (except that time my step-father made an abomination he called “venison jerky”) and up until a few years ago beef was the only kind of jerky I saw in stores.  Then local stores started carrying turkey, then pulled pork, and even once in a while bison.  I tried a few of these creations only to be unpleasantly reminded of chalky, Sahara-dry Odocoileus hemionus flesh.

But last week at CostCo a food demonstrator gave me a little piece of something called Golden Island All Natural Pork Jerky in Korean Barbecue Recipe.  Holy freakin’ Tyrannosaur!  I wanna go prehistoric on its sweet, salty, smokey, barbecue-y goodness! This stuff is cut into thin slices so big they can only be called “slabs.”  A  sprinkling of toasted crunchy sesame seeds calls to mind the  best “pork and seeds” appetizer I’ve ever had, only way, WAY better.

These itty-bitty pieces are what you find at the bottom of the bag.
These itty-bitty pieces are what you find at the bottom of the Golden Island bag.

A big 14.5 oz bag cost me $12.99 and it was worth every cent.  I like it so much I went back for another bag and found it next to a Kirkland Signature version of “Asian Inspired BBQ Seasoning” Pork Jerky.  The Kirkland brand was significantly cheaper ($11.99 for two 10 oz bags, if I recall rightly) and I’m not one to miss a deal, so I grabbed a bag of the precious Golden Island meat-candy and a two-pack of the Kirkland.

Image thanks to
Image thanks to

I was so excited to try out my new meaty confection that I ripped the Kirkland bag open as soon as I got in the car.  The aroma of Chinese 5-Spice powder filled my nostrils and I pulled out a thick strip of pork the size of a premium Haribo Gummi Centipede.  When I stuck it in my mouth the flavor of pork, anise, ginger, and fruity gummi centipede butt blossomed on my tongue like a psychedelic sulfur smoke bomb on Fourth of July. 

So yeah, if you’re in Costco, steer clear of their “Premium Cut & Dried Pork Strips” with assy Asian inspired BBQ flavor.  Instead grab yourself a bag (or five) of Golden Island’s all natural, grilled Korean Barbecue Recipe Pork Jerky.  Your taste buds can thank me later.





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