Is it Fishing Season Yet, Honey?

"Are we going fishing?!"
“Are we going fishing?”

A lot of people who (sort of) know me are surprised to find out that I spend most of my weekends during nice weather dangling a line in some nearby body of water and that I own and shoot guns.  I’m just about as politically and socially liberal as you can get, but I do live in Idaho.  Though I often pull my hair out over the local political idiocy and the sometimes backward way Idahoans treat people who are a little different, I love living in one of the greatest places in the world to enjoy the great outdoors!

My fiance and I haven’t been fishing long — just since the summer of 2013.  What we lack in knowledge and experience we make up in exuberance!

Now that it’s getting to the middle of April I’m starting to believe what the weather has been saying since, well, last October.  It is SPRING!  The proof is pushing up in my very own garden.  Spring means it is (somewhat) less likely to snow while I’m up around 4500 ft above sea level at Hawkins Reservoir, where I like to try catching big trout that over wintered from last season.  My fiance always has better luck than I do at Hawkins — she hooked two over-ten-inch trout within an hour there in the fall of 2013. If I remember right that was also the day we watched an older gentleman bring in the biggest trout either of us has ever seen.  It was easily over twenty-four inches and he caught it on a little multi-hook crappie rig!

So, I’m hoping Ana will want to get her licence renewed (I already have a 3 year licence) this weekend and we can grab our rods and head out with our dog, Sunny!




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