Binni Nita

Baby Binni Nita 3/26/13

Binni and her two littermates were born prematurely to a feral mother who abandoned them, probably because they were too tiny to nurse on their own.

Twenty-four hours after their birth Dad found them cold, limp, and obviously dead.  It was a chilly spring morning and he didn’t want to walk out past the garage to the trash bin, so he wrapped the three tiny bodies in paper towels and put them in the kitchen garbage can.

The warmth of the kitchen was all it took to fan a stubborn spark to life and Binni meowed.  Sasha, the resident dragon-in-fur-clothing heard the weak mewing and promptly lost her sh*t.


Damn it, I made it! 3/29/15

Mom couldn’t believe it when she came in and found Binni alive.

From then on Binni wasn’t alone in her fight for life.  Every hour on the hour we were up with her.  When she couldn’t nurse, we tube-fed her.  Ana stayed up all night holding her, coaxing her to fall asleep.

Even though there were times it seemed impossible, Binni made it and is now training to be the next House Queen (spayed, of course).





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