About Me

I’m a stay-at-home, work-at-home critter mom who is obsessed with van camping, writing, my upcoming wedding, anything yummy and everything DIY.  I crave a simple life — to “forsake it all and go galavanting around the countryside” in a van crammed full of craft supplies and half-written novels — but with an unmentionable number of crids (critter-kids) underfoot and a fiancee who I love more than anything, life is anything but.

I keep thinking, “If not now, when?” and get all jittery.  If I wait will the road wait for me? Will all the money dry up and take away my dreams, too? Will I still have my health or will I be too old and decrepit to enjoy waking up to birds calling for the sun?

I fret and I fret, worrying and wondering if I should be doing more NOW.

Then I remember there is no place like home.  And there is no one like Ana.  No matter what, she is the one I want to curl up next to every night.

Now that’s good enough for me.


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