Minimizing Water Usage to Boondock Longer

As I’m planning out the build to turn my Toyota Corolla into a camper, I keep running into problems that challenge my creativity to find ways to fit everything I will need into the limited space.  My ultimate goal is to be able to camp for a week or more in beautiful, out of the way places that are so secluded they are unlikely to provide basic modern amenities like drinking water, electricity, etc.

That means I’ll have to fit everything into my Corolla I need to both enjoy and survive my trip.

Water — how much I need — and how to pack it, keeps coming up.  After researching how others conserve water while boondocking, I decided to break it down to see how little I think I can get away with.  I’ll experiment with this at home to refine the numbers.61nH6iqo7CL._SL1327_

Showers via battery operated garden sprayer filled with sun-warmed water:

3 per week — 1.3 gallons each = 3.9 gallons

Sponge Baths:

4 per week — 0.5 gallons each = 2 gallons


2 times per day — 0.25 gallons each = 3.5 gallons61ujJtHkZzL._SL1500_


0.85 gallons per day = 5.95 gallons

Washing & Rinsing Dishes

0.66 gallons per time, three times per day = 14 gallons


0.25 per day = 1.75 gallons

TOTAL: 31.1 gallons



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