DIY Wedding Favor Boxes – Quick, Easy & Cheap!

When Ana and I had our commitment ceremony, years ago, before we ever thought we’d be able to get legally married, Ana’s Grammy and great-Aunt Sis came all the way to Idaho from Pennsylvania to celebrate with us. Even though Grammy has passed on since then, the memories of that brief time with her and Aunt Sis are so precious that I wanted to be sure we included something in our wedding that would remind us of them. I remember one hot, lazy afternoon during their visit when we pulled the patio table out under the trees to catch the shade. We sipped lemonade and laughed at all the crazy stories Grammy had to tell about the hijinks Ana’s dad got up to as a child and teen. While we were passing the time Grammy had Mom pull out her collection of old calendars and seed catalogs so we could learn how to fold decorative paper boxes just for the fun of it.

As her wrinkled hands turned and creased the paper, she told us how she learned to fold them to hold mints and other candies for her High School graduation dinner and celebration.

Remembering that time, I knew how we should honor her and include a little bit of her memory at our long-awaited wedding. I wish she could be with us in body, but I’m sure she’s peeking down at me even now, as I smooth the folds of paper, making her favor boxes.

Here are simple illustrated instructions. I hope you enjoy making them as much as I have! If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


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