Pretty CamperVan Ideas: Interior Sketches

I’m having  a hard time concentrating on anything other than CAMPERVAN, like happens so often when I’m getting serious about an idea.  So today I spent the time I should have been doing something else (*cough*) like work (*cough*) drawing cross-sections of my latest ideas with Photoshop.

I have no experience or training with Photoshop, so it’s not awesome, but I hope it gets the idea across.

1989 Ford Van Interior Shaded Labled

I wish I’d been able to get a better sense of perspective. *Note:  Those of you who saw this post before I tweaked the images might notice these new pics have a little better 3-dimensional quality due to better shading.

I got the idea for the patterned countertops here.  I want to experiment with similar ideas using paper or fabric and a clear acrylic coating.  I figure if I use fabric I can make matching covers for the passenger and driver’s seats.  I found instructions for sewing covers for bucket seats here.  I’ve seen several tiny houses and bus conversions using stock tanks as bathtubs, pools, planters and other stuff, but I had to really look to find one the right size for my idea.  Ana and I are big fans of paper plates, so when I saw the Pop-A-Plate, I knew it would be a great fit for us.  Plus it is will be way easier having the plates above the sink than having to dig for them in storage.

I want to put a big mural or poster with lots of orange tones on the back doors to act as a kind of headboard and focal point.  Plus it will cover up the insulation I want to put on the windows.  I love the canyon mural I found.  And that cute “The World Awaits” pillow, yeah, it’s real.  Found tons of travel-themed artsy pillows and what-not at society6.

Just so you know, no one paid me or even asked me to point out the products I want to use in my campervan.  These are the things I want.  Being able to afford them, well, that is often another matter.

Side Interior Ford Van Shaded & Labled

Here we have two cross sections of the van.  The top is what you’d see if you sliced the van long ways down the middle and looked at the passenger’s side.  The bottom drawing is the driver’s side.  You’ll notice the bottom drawing has both the passenger and driver’s seats.  I did that to illustrate how I want to shift the driver’s seat back by about a foot to give extra room for Ana when she drives.

After I drew this I realized the collapsible countertop over the bathtub will need to fold up, not down or it will hit the edge of the tub, so I need to figure out a different way to build it than I’ve drawn.

If you’re interested, the two travel-themed prints are also available at society6.

I think this is a good use of the available space (approx 11ft by 6 ft cargo area) in the 1989 Ford Club Wagon XL with high top I’m considering.  This way we get a stay-down queen bed, storage, a place to bathe, cook, and wash up and some privacy and added insulation without having to totally gut all the nearly mint-condition blue interior that is already there.  We’ll store a Luggable Loo in the tub when it isn’t in use.  With the two front seats on swivel bases, all of that adds up to give us a pretty comfy place to stay while camping!


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